Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bitter Cold

Temperatures are in the low teens again, in New Hampshire. And with that bitterly cold weather, it is hard to even imagine that the dressage competition season will be starting up again in just 2 months.

It is simply too cold to ride, let alone think about serious training.

So, while waiting for it to warm up, I've been going through some of the photos of Piper at the 2008 NEDA Fall Dressage Festival....

This photo shows Piper's gentle character, kind eye, and willing attitude, and reminds me that the blanketed dark brown goofball rearing & playing in the chilly pasture with his pasture mates will soon transform back into a dressage competition horse....

...Just not this week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Looking Forward to 2009

While the USDF 2009 Region 8 Competition Calendar is not yet showing all of the upcoming competitions, I can already feel show dates looming. March. April. May. The first competitions may be only 2 months away. Hard to imagine while New Hampshire's winter is well underway with no signs of spring on the horizon.

Piper is looking like a woolly bear right now. Jeddien is also quite fuzzy. And yet, both are have been lightly under saddle all winter. However, that light work schedule will be changing in the next couple of weeks.

And this year, two youngsters will start their ridden work with an eye towards competition in 2010.

So, tonight, while we batten down for another storm, I am already daydreaming about 2009 and what goals to set for the Kearsarge Meadows dressage horses.