Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Luck, Bad Luck, Horse Luck

I have always believed there are 3 kinds of luck.   Good luck.   Bad luck.   And horse luck.

People involved in horses in any way, shape, or form probably understand.

Recently, we encountered some not so great horse luck.   Piper managed to get an injury which has sidelined him from all work for a couple weeks while his left front leg recovers from a 7 inch gash.

Freak kind of accident.   Unlikely to ever occur again in the next 100 years.   One of those kinds of things.

Horse luck.

Thanks to fabulous veterinary care, antibiotics, pain killers, and lots of TLC from everyone on the farm, he is recovering well.

But, he missed two competitions...   And the final chance to finish his qualification for the USDF Regional Championships.

And so, in a week or so, we will get back to work.   We will prepare for a two day show October, which falls under the 2010 USDF Championship year.

We will once again go on the pursuit for a ticket to the USDF Championships.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bumps in the Road

Just when things are going swimmingly, one can encounter bumps in the road.   This is exactly how I would describe Piper's second show of the season.   BUMP!

At the June dressage show at the University of New Hampshire a couple weeks ago, Jeddien completed her qualification for the USDF Region 8 Championships for the Freestyles to Music, 3rd Level.   The fairly good sized audience appreciated her work and enjoyed the German folk music to which we rode.

(Super moment of trot suspension captured by Mystical Photography in Springfield Mass.)

Piper's ride, however, was not nearly as successful.   We did not complete our qualification for the USDF Regionals.   In fact, we did not get beyond movement 5 of Training Level Test 4.....

After performing a nice 20 metre circle in canter, movement 5 has the horse & rider canter to C for a transition to trot in front of the judge.   As we finished the circle and headed towards the judge, Piper spied the huge beautiful hanging flower basket quietly swinging from the corner of the judge's hut.   And STOPPED.

Like a showjumper putting in a sudden stop right in front of a fence, he slid and then bounced on his front legs, jolting me clean out of the saddle, after which I continued to canter... right onto the floor.

Bump!   My first fall at a dressage competition!   Embarrassing and no fun at all.

And so, now we are once again preparing for the next competition, continuing our training at home... and considering growing gorgeous flowers just for the boy.