Friday, November 6, 2009

3rd Level Test 3 with Judges' Scores

The youtube video below shows Jeddien's test from the 2009 USDF Region 8 Championships held at the NEDA Fall Festival this past September.

With the sound turned up, you may hear the wind blowing, a train pass in the distance, a bit of audience chatter, and the bell of the judge in the next ring,... something which momentarily caught my attention during the half pass left.

The marks from both judges, scores ranging from 4 to 9, are provided throughout the video.

And yes, Jeddien's trot is not easy to sit, even for riders who are more supple than her 50 year old owner.   However, she makes up for that with the most willing attitude and excellent work ethic.   This horse really enjoys her dressage!

I hope you enjoy this!

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