Friday, June 3, 2011

Redemption and Summer Weather

After the terrible season debut at MVHC in April, I decided to enter a local schooling show to put things right again in May. With lovely weather and no pressure to achieve qualifications, we were able to enjoy a very easy show experience, Piper and I, while also winning the combined First Level Test 2 / 3 class.

Summer seems to have suddenly arrived! And with it, show season kicks back into fast and furious mode. We have several local shows lined up...

However, with the good weather, training also shifts back into high gear. This includes working over trot poles to strengthen and further improve the trot, going for long hacks and trail rides, putting in fittening miles at trot and canter around the outdoor arena on the grass - after all, sometimes we have to show on grass, and continuing with little games to help Piper learn new things.

Left : A poor man's hay net. Noisy and scary at first, but then great fun!

And for all of our horses, their reward for getting through another long winter is clear: Grass pastures! Yes. Summer is here!