Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moonlight Serenade

Yesterday was hot, humid, and borderline horrible for riding. But by 8pm, after the horses had eaten dinner, as the sun was sinking down behind the trees and a full moon was rising in the east, things had cooled down quite a bit.

Starting indoors, Piper and I worked on suppling exercises and transitions. Then we ventured outside, into the cooler evening air.

Piper marched right down the driveway, approached the outdoor arena, did not so much as look twice at the tent at C, entered the arena, and was ready to work! Amazing really.

So, with no bugs, a moon and malibu lights for lighting, we worked on our trot to canter and canter to trot transitions.

Somewhere in the past few sessions, we have magically made the shift from the temporary canter aid I needed to use in May to the canter aid I want to use. Outside leg only. A quick swinging tap with my lower leg. Straight body, straight rider. Balance. Forward. Instant canter. Fabulous.

Hacking back to the barn in the moonlight, I fell in love with the black horse once again.

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