Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Christoph Hess Clinic

A week ago, New England Dressage Association (NEDA) members were treated to a 3 day clinic with Herr Christoph Hess of Germany.   Christoph worked with 7 very talented horse-rider combinations while also entertaining questions from the audience.

When I lived in the United Kingdom, I became aware of the very high regard in which Hess is held worldwide.   Even my UK trainer said, "If you ever get the chance to watch or ride with Hess, use it!"   So it was great to have the opportunity to see Hess a mere 113 miles away in Massachusetts.

I was one of (no doubt) many dressage riders to put their name into the hat for consideration as a demo rider for this clinic.   And, accordingly, I was disappointed not to be accepted.   However, after watching the first day, I can honestly say I was GLAD they chose the riders and horses they did.   They were absolutely fabulous!

The clinic was a week ago, but my own work is just beginning.   In a strange twist of fate, I was asked by NEDA to write a review of the clinic for an upcoming newsletter.   So, with my pad chock full of notes, and with inputs from the riders themselves, my work for the next few days is clearly laid out in front of me.

This should be as fun to write as the clinic was to watch!

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