Saturday, June 20, 2009

The First 68%

To qualify for the USDF Regional Championships in the Open / Professional Division at Training Level, two scores of 68% or more must be earned in Training Level Test 4, each at a different show.

This weekend, in his first show of 2009 and his first ever trip to Vermont, Piper earned his first 68% at GMHA.   He also earned a bonus 69+% in the same test on the second day, but was eliminated due to me using equipment which must be preapproved by the judge.... Ear covers to protect from flies.

These same ear covers were allowed at NEDA Spring and at GMHA but I later learned it was only for specific Young Horse classes.   Oh well.   A lesson for all!   Do not make any assumptions when using marginally legal equipment.   Check on a daily basis what is being allowed.

Overall, Piper was really good and I am very happy with how he went.   A wee bit of spooking, but nothing major or traumatic as in the past.   He even marched across the famous stream next to "the dust bowl" several times.

Next week, we compete at the University of New Hampshire for the first time.   There, we will try to get the final qualifying score at the University of New Hampshire!

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