Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Luck, Bad Luck, Horse Luck

I have always believed there are 3 kinds of luck.   Good luck.   Bad luck.   And horse luck.

People involved in horses in any way, shape, or form probably understand.

Recently, we encountered some not so great horse luck.   Piper managed to get an injury which has sidelined him from all work for a couple weeks while his left front leg recovers from a 7 inch gash.

Freak kind of accident.   Unlikely to ever occur again in the next 100 years.   One of those kinds of things.

Horse luck.

Thanks to fabulous veterinary care, antibiotics, pain killers, and lots of TLC from everyone on the farm, he is recovering well.

But, he missed two competitions...   And the final chance to finish his qualification for the USDF Regional Championships.

And so, in a week or so, we will get back to work.   We will prepare for a two day show October, which falls under the 2010 USDF Championship year.

We will once again go on the pursuit for a ticket to the USDF Championships.

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  1. I am so sorry. But on a better note, the before and after pictures indicate that this wound will heal just fine (just not quickly enough :-( ).