Friday, April 16, 2010

Planning Piper's Show Calendar

Thanks to a surprisingly warm March and start to April, early spring flowers are everywhere.   However, typical of New England weather, it is actually snowing right now!   And so, it feels like a perfect day to sit down with the 2010 NEDA Omnibus, plan out the competition calendar, and get those first show entries in!

Piper's 2010 competition season has already started.   But not in dressage.   Instead, he has made his showjumping debut, competing with his young rider Eliza who is a member of the Kearsarge Regional High School Equestrian Team.   KRHS is one of several teams competing in the New Hampshire High School Equestrian Teams show series.

Meanwhile, sitting down with a calendar and the NEDA Omnibus, selection of Piper's USDF dressage competitions starts with a vision of the year's goals.   In other words.....

What do I want to achieve this year?

For Piper, the first goal will be to qualify for the 2010 USDF Region 8 Training Level.   The second goal is to pull off the same feat at First Level.   And, before the "Winter Break" in the 2010 - 2011 season, a debut at Second Level is the final goal.

However, this is Piper we are talking about.   Which REALLY means the goals look like this:
  • Successfully complete each ride which we begin
  • Avoid injuries which cause us to withdraw from any competitions
  • Trot right up to all judge booths, flower boxes, and loose trash bags without worry
:-)   Actually, I believe this will be Piper's best dressage year yet!

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