Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Forget the Milk! How About "Got Registrations!?!?"

This week, I checked out the USDF current standings for 2010 season awards and was delighted to see Piper Warrior and I ranking fairly well for our first real full year of competition together.

For USDF Horse of the Year (HOTY) awards at Training Level, we are ranked 166 in the USA.   The HOTY list bottoms out at median scores of 60%.   So far, 385 horse / rider combinations across the country have earned a spot on the list.   Our median score is 66.2%.

At First Level, we are ranked 161 out of 333 with a median score of 64.737.   I hope to see that jump up a little at the next competition.

For Musical Freestyles at First Level, we are currently standing at 13th with a score of 68.958%.

AND, as an older rider, I am now registered with USDF as being "Vintage".   And accordingly, we are now also listed in the "Vintage Cup" award standings.   At Training Level and First Level respectively, we are currently ranked 18th and 14th in the USA.   Very cool indeed!

The USDF also offers "All Breeds Awards" sponsored by different breed associations.   As a registered KWPN Dutch Warmblood, Piper is also eligible for USDF All Breeds KWPN/NA awards.   However, in order to earn the awards, all of the proper registration information must be completed and filed with the KWPN/NA.   And sure enough, for Piper, it is NOT.   Whoops!

And so the mad dash to get this completed has begun.....   Have you got your registrations in?

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