Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meet Piper Warrior

"Piper Warrior". It's a strange name for a horse, a fabulous name for an airplane. :-) But when Piper was inported as a 2 year old from Holland to the UK, I was a student pilot. As a KWPN Dutch Warmblood with no registered name other than "P", like so many other 1997 foals, Piper was named after the aircraft in which I was training.

My goal. To fly with Piper.

The reality. He sent me flying... to the ground a couple times. Then he spent a couple years off due to various illnesses and injuries. And so, because he's so sweet, he became a pet more than anything else.

But before his extended early "retirement", he was a little star at a Christine Stuckelberger clinic as a 4 year old, competed with me at Preliminary Level at 5 years old, and half qualified for the British Novice Championships with Robert Pickles, FBHS, later that year.

Now, Piper is just getting back to serious work after several years off..... with the goal of competing and earning a ticket to the Championships. But first, we have to compete and do well. And for Piper, who is basically a shy horse, just going to a competition is gonna be a big challenge in itself.

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