Monday, June 2, 2008

Protecting Dressage Horses

Every so often, I hear some people imply that dressage horses should be "wrapped in wool", kept in the stable 24 hours a day except when being trained, never turned out, and protected from the "dangers" of trail riding.

For our own horses, these are simply not options. And this means that, spooky & timid as he can be at times, Piper goes trail riding.

This weekend, after a working session in a very noisy indoor arena being pummeled by strong winds, we ventured out alone onto the trails. Needless to say, the trees were whipping & crackling and things were scary from his perspective. After a fairly good spook, my husband Georg climbed into the saddle and I jumped onto our Honda ATV....

.... Piper followed me & the ATV around on the trails, happy to see his bright red four wheeled big brother leading the way. A comical sight, no doubt, but yet another opportunity for Piper to grow and be more than just a dressage horse. He was a good boy.


  1. Hazel Reed here. Need your email address urgently. Helena is working in Camp Waklo for the summer in New Hampshire just wondered where you live?

    And of couse how you are!

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