Tuesday, May 27, 2008

9 Tests

Today, the entry for Piper's next competition was sent out. Over $700 worth.

We are headed to a 3 day show, with plans of arriving the day before the show starts so that we can take advantage of ring access prior to the competition.

The USDF allows a maximum of 3 dressage tests per day, so that's what I entered. 9 tests all together. Training Level Tests 1, 2, and 4... everyday. And for each T4 test, we paid the extra $10 just in case we actually enter the arena, stay in the arena for the duration of the test, and earn the whooping 68% required to get a qualifying score.

MEANWHILE, our other dressage horse, Jeddien, completed her qualification for the 3rd Level Open USDF Region 8 Championships. So, we are going to Saugerties NY in September. Question remains....

Will Piper be going with us? That is the plan. Or at this point, the dream.....

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