Saturday, September 13, 2008

3 Tests Later

Thursday evening, after the day of competition closed, we were able to school in the competition arenas. We were thrilled to see that judge booths were no longer an issue. And so we just schooled.

Friday morning, Piper and I followed another horse across the bridge and over to the most distant warmup arena were we had a good warmup. We did our walking squares and lots of transitions. Then we headed over to the competition arena were we put in a decent test.

Saturday morning, Piper's eyes were NOT on stalks any longer. He still looked for a lead past the scariest things, but seemed to be looking and taking things in instead of worrying about everything. It felt like a little breakthrough. I was pleased.

The warmup went okay. And the test went well. So, for the first three tests, Piper earned 62, 65, and 68.

3 tests later, sure, we have more work to do. But at this stage, the smile on my face says it all. Piper Warrior has come a long way this weekend and I could not be happier!

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