Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jeddien Does Well, Too!

Meanwhile, by the close of Saturday evening, Jeddien has also completed a few tests. She came 5th in the 3rd Level Sweepstakes, winning $50. She also came 7th in the USDF Region 8 3rd Level Open Championships with a 61%. The class was won by Ann Gribbons with a 67%. And maybe best of all, Jeddien pulled off a 60% score for 4th Level Test 2, a test which pushes her to her current limits.

One cool thing about the NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage show is that they use FoxVillage.COM software and website for their show entries. This means that all of our results are posted online.

It also allows dressage fans to scrutinize scores given by each judge instead of just seeing the final scores... often a source of conversation back in the barn. It is sometimes difficult to understand how 2, 3, or 5 judges watching the same test can give very different scores, but that is part of the nature of subjective sports.

But along with subjectiveness, the dressage competitor also gets 7 minutes of an expert's full attention, their impressions, and their commentary. It is all a good thing.

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