Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 NEDA Omnibus

Eecks!   IT has arrived!   Yes, I'm talking about the 2009 NEDA Omnibus.

It is still dead of winter here and we have another snowstorm coming tomorrow which is likely to dump 8 to 12 inches of the white stuff.   But the arrival of the Omnibus, with its listings of USDF recognised dressage shows in our area for 2009, means Spring is just around the corner!

And, EECK!, show season!   It's all so exciting!   Time to start planning the show calendar, juggling the budget, and figuring out which horses will go to which shows.

We already have our hotel booked for the NEDA Fall Festival and USDF Region 8 Dressage Championships.   This was not about ego and high expectations.   It was about not making the same mistake we made in 2007 after a July qualification.   All the hotels were booked and we ended up staying 25 miles away from Saugerties!

Now, it's time to plan the competitions that will get us to the USDF Championships again.   Jeddien needs only 1 more score of 62% at 3rd Level Open.   Piper will need to earn 2 whooping great 68% scores at Training Level Open, or 2 scores of 66% at First Level Open.   And even if only one of them qualifies, we will take both to the Festival for the experience and to keep each other company.

So!   Let it snow!   We have dressage competitions to daydream about, plan for, and train towards.   Thank goodness we have an indoor arena!

(Click here to read about and see our 2009 NEDA Omnibus advertisement.)


  1. Hi Kimberley,

    I enjoy reading your blog and had a couple of questions I know you can help with. I just got my NEDA omnibus today. (YAY!) Would you recommend that I get a tack stall at NEDA Spring? I have never been to the new venue and have no idea how far away the trailer are parked, etc. If I do go and get a tack stall, do you know how I might find someone to share it with? I know you had luck doing that last did you find someone?

    Thanks so much! Elizabeth :)

  2. I used my trailer as a "tack stall" at NEDA Spring. The trailer parking area and stalls are fairly close together, so it was easy to do that way.

    However, even though I trailered in both days, I got a stall so that my horses had a place to rest and lie down.

    As far as sharing a "tack stall", I would recommend posting on EquineSite.COM under the "Dressage" bulletin area. That is where I found someone to share with for another show.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Perfect! Thanks so much!