Monday, March 9, 2009

Training in the Snow

Winter continues.   Meanwhile, Jeddien is just getting back into the swing of things.   And as part of her training, we have been taking advantage of the soft snow on the ground before it all melts away.

We never got a hard crust layer in the snow this winter, so riding in the snow is quite doable.   However, depending on the depths, it can be hard work for the horse.   I know.   I have walked out there myself without snowshoes.   It's a real slog to walk through snow that is more than a few inches deep.

So, as part of Jeddien's work to get back into shape, we have been doing figures in the indoor arena interspersed with walking outside in the snow.   Interestingly, the more difficult work is the latter of the two.   To walk in the snow, which currently varies from 3 to 15 inches deep, she lifts her legs higher, takes extra care in balancing, really uses her neck and back, and is soon breathing fairly hard.   It is slow, hard work, but provides a good whole body workout.

And that's exactly what the old mare who wintered way too well needs right now!   :-)

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