Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Goals, Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations

From a Dressage Queen's perspective, 2009 was a good year!

Jeddien was, yet again, on form for a good competitive year with pleasing results.   She also shared a wonderful feel of upper level dressage work with several students at Kearsarge Meadows.

Piper Warrior provided a rider-challenging second show season with wonderful highlights and heart-stopping lowlights.   However, at home he made good progress in his training, including 2nd and 3rd level dressage work.   Even more fun, he starting working over colored jumps with a talented young rider who works at our farm.

And, sweetie pie Big Ben!   What can I say?   He has been started under saddle and is a joy to ride.   And he's very comfortable!

Going forward into 2010, this Dressage Queen has a few goals, dreams, hopes, and aspirations for her horses.

For Piper...
For Big Ben...
  • Successfully compete at Walk Trot
For Jeddien....
  • Debut at Prix Saint Georges
  • Earn 2 scores of 60% at PSG,   completing the earning of my USDF Silver Medal
For little Bea Yewtee....
  • To be backed and ridden   (With our groundwork coming along, we're getting closer to this important milestone!)

Dreams.   Hopes.   Aspirations.
Making them come true in 2010 is the goal.

Happy New Year !
And Happy Dressage !

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