Saturday, December 19, 2009

The DQ's Perfect Christmas Gifts

When it comes to gifts, what can one get for the dedicated Dressage Queen in their life?   For some, this is a perplexing problem that is difficult at best to solve. However, in our household, this is a "no brainer"!

Sure, gift certificates to Dressage Extensions, USDF's Store, Dover Saddlery, Smart Pak Equine, and other horsey shopping stores make sense.   But, for the true Dressage Queen, such as myself, who already has everything they need, often in triplicate, a truly special gift is called for.

Music CD's!

Yup, you heard me right.   Music CD's.   But not just any Music CD's.   I'm talking about Isabell Werth's "Musik zum Reiten" CD's, specifically designed for use in Musical Freestyle Kurs.

I have talked about this great series of Isabell Werth's instrumental CD's before.   Each CD comes with a selection of music highly suitable for use in Kurs.   On the back of each CD cover (as well as on the website itself) is a list of the selections along with the beats per minute speeds shown.   Once you know the tempos of your horse's paces, this makes the creations of Kurs another step easier.

For me, adding additional CD's to my Isabell Werth collection is always a great gift idea!  
And Santa has already hinted.   The computer and arena stereo system are both standing by.   It seems Happy Holidays! are here again.

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