Thursday, July 22, 2010

Final Music - Rev 1

Designing a kur, one eventually reaches a point where you have to say, "Burn the CD!"  No more editing.  No more tweaking.  No more builds of new audio files.  That time has come.  Now we just make the CD, and a backup copy, test them both, and put them in the horseshow briefcase for safe keeping.

From now until 2:45 Saturday afternoon, I will listen Piper's freestyle music over and over, becoming intimately familar and utterly comfortable with it and its odd little modifications.   For the moment, I will even embrace the little musical messes I desparately want to try tidying up.   I will also study today's final videotaped practice run, a test which even my perfectionist husband thinks was pretty good.  I will absorb how the test flows with the music and fully accept where the choreography does not quite fit.

From now until around 2:45, nothing changes.  However, after 3:02, once my ride is done and dusty, scrutiny of the music and the choreography can start all over again, in preparation for the next show....

...Or maybe not.  If the feedback from the two judges is favorable, the Kur may last the rest of the season as is.  And wouldn't THAT be wonderful?  I could shift my focus to weeding my overgrown vegetable garden!

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