Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Party Time Approaches

Sunday looms. Piper's first competition.

At this point, after a couple more sessions and satisfying work at home, my expectations for the Sunday competition at NEDA's Spring Dressage show are quite simple.

Get there. Cope. Survive the warmup. Present our tests. Use the show stabling without stress. Get home safely.

No, I'm not looking for certain scores. I'm not even terribly worried about whether we get all the transitions and movements called for in the tests. No. I just want a pleasant debut experience.

The final result: I want Piper to be okay with the whole first experience so that we can go out again and again throughout the 2008 season. THEN we will start to give the competition something to worry about. :-)

So for for now, we are just going to a party!

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