Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Play Time!

Taking off the pressure, tonight was about Play Time! Piper loves to free lunge and jump and tonight, that's exactly what was on the menu.

Put a jump in the arena and Piper goes straight for it. No hesitation. No need to drive or direct him. He just sets his sights and gets down to business. Free jumping with complete ease, varying strides, never missing, never hitting, and often over a metre in height. His little ears and self controlled impulsion say it all. He's playing.

Of course, being a sweetie, he comes looking for praise and treats. It's so easy to have a giggle while giving him a pat, share a mint, then send him away to earn the next mint.

Play time. Or, as some will call it, cross training. Whatever. The point is that Piper's overall training program is not just about dressage. It's about being a horse having fun.

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