Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Vaccinations

A critical part of the preparation for competition involves Spring Vaccinations & Coggins Tests.

Today, all of the horses in our barn were vaccinated.   Each of the owners at our barn are completely & proactively supportive of regular vaccinations.   And those planning on competing also had blood drawn for testing for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) aka the Coggins Test.

All of the horses are generally good for their jabs.   Even the younger ones.   Our vet knows each horse, goes through the barn efficiently and compassionately.   And she's happy to give each horse a mint and a scratch after everyone is done.

Comically, Jeddien voices her dislike of cold wet cotton balls with mareish squeals and insertion of needles with very unique grunts, but stands for the medical attention.   It's hard not to laugh as she vocalises her opinion.   Piper, however, makes the experience more unpleasant than any of us like.   He suddenly becomes quite the drama queen!   However, he survived yet again.

Vaccination Day behind us, now we await our Coggins results.   Once in, we are ready to rock and roll!

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