Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2010 Goals

The USDF 2010 competition season is already well underway.   However, so far, I have not competed in any qualifiers for the 2010 Regional Championships.   In fact, I have yet to set my goals for 2010.

That needs to be remedied!

Jeddien, bless her, has had a good long run of competition both in the UK and the USA.   Next year, she is 19 years old.   So, unless she miraculously suddenly becomes ready for PSG this winter, she is retired from competition and will be taking on the title of Head Schoolmistress at Kearsarge Meadows.

Piper.   The goal is to qualify for FIRST LEVEL.   Doable as long as he remains spook free.   In fact, if he can keep his wits about him, he should be able to qualify for SECOND LEVEL as well.   A big if.

Ben.   Now here is an interesting prospect.   Big Ben is turning out to be quite the special horse.   Unflappable.   Super mover.   Gentle giant.   He will be 4 in April.   WIll he be ready to compete?   I think so!   Young horse material?   Maybe so!   The decisions on this will come as Spring approaches.

Bea Yewtee.   Unlike Ben, Jeddien's flashy sharp daughter by DaVinci has not been started yet.   She is still going through awkward growing stages.   Lunging under saddle, she is a good girl.   But no one has tried to sit on her as yet.   That is the goal for this winter.   Competition is not forecasted for 2010.

Winter is a challenging time to train in New Hampshire.   The indoor arena can reach temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit!   But, the goal is to be ready for April, when the USDF Region 8 shows start up again.   Ready to compete and qualify.

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