Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day Three

Today, as planned, was a day of rest, work without a competition timeslot deadline, bathing, and hand grazing.   Jeddien snoozed, ate, enjoyed some pampering, and rested in her stall.   Georg and I spent time watching FEI level classes, including the big afternoon Grand Prix class.

After the GP, award ceremonies took place in Ring One.   In the top placings were some fabulous horses, including a 4th Level Dutch pony and a paint named "Mustang Sally" who we are assuming IS actually a mustang!   Gonna have to double check the program tomorrow.

After the awards, during which competitors were treated to hors d'oeuvres and drinks, sound checks for the freestyles were done.   Now, this was a first for me.   And a bit of a thrill.   I wandered out to the middle of Ring One and listened to a snippet of my freestyle music played over the arena loudspeaker system.   And of course, I used the opportunity to just FEEL the arena and imagine.....

....You see, six months ago, riding my first Freestyle was just a dream.   Tomorrow, we contest the 3rd Level Freestyle Championships.   Talk about a whirlwind.   And, how cool that, barring elimination or other disaster, we will at least be in the Top 8.   There are only 3 are in the class!   :-)  

I am soooo ready for tomorrow.   But as with all things horsey, I know nothing about tomorrow is certain until AFTER our ride at 8:33 am.   However, if all else fails, I can honestly say that the journey to get to this moment was absolutely a blast!

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