Friday, September 11, 2009

Day Two Begins

With our hotel bed a mere 60 metres from New York's Interstate Highway I-87, a full night's sleep was not to be last night.   Nonetheless, we made another early start this morning, got to the showgrounds early to feed the beast, and then enjoyed a little rest before preparing for a 9:39 am ride of 3rd Level Test 3.

The Sweepstakes at each level consists of two components, using the two highest tests of the level.   So, for 3rd Level, that means Tests 2 and 3 are ridden.   The average score is used to rank the winners in the Sweepstakes.   The two tests are held on consecutive days.

The reason I enter the two classes is to use them as a warm up for the 3rd Level Championships.   The reason I pay the extra entry fee for the Sweepstakes aspect is just in case I do fairly well and can win a bit of cash and a nice prize.   Last year we did and that was pretty cool!

With a pleasing start yesterday in the 3rd Level Sweepstakes yesterday, I really believed we might continue on a roll.   But that was not to be.   Jeddien was not on form and ran out of gas.   And any insistence on my part was rewarded with a head toss.   Nice.   The old chestnut mare has a way of sharing her opinions at times.

Since my true purpose is to practice for the 3rd Level Championships, I rode both tests so far without a whip.   Good practice, since they are not allowed in Championship classes.   But I do wonder....   What did it cost me in terms of Sweepstakes winnings?   An occasional little reminder may have made a difference.

This evening, we ride the 3rd Level Championships.   Sans whip, of course.   In the rain.   The goal is to make it into the Top 8 out of a class of 24.   We'll have to see what Jeddien thinks of this plan....

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